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Curing hemorrhoids


Under mucous membrane and skin of anus, in the place where skin becomes mucosa, there is set of veins, and the veins of the set look like little lumps.

In certain circumstances, veins in that set around anus can be swollen, and create bigger lumps, so that they are visible through skin and mucosa of anus. Those swollen lumps are called piles or haemorrhoids.

Haemorrhoids, usually affect persons whose job requires long periods of sitting, those who have irregular meal pattern and bad diet, those who add a lot of spices in their food (especially peppers). They usually have constipation and always have to strain to have a bowel movement. People whose job requires constant strain of anus, such as wind instruments players, workers in glass and bottle factories, almost always suffer from haemorrhoids. Old people who have to strain during urination due to enlarged prostate usually have problems with rather big haemorrhoids.

This set of veins, in women, gets swollen during pregnancy, and it is caused by pressure of womb and baby’s head on pelvic veins.

Swelling of haemorrhoids in anus mucosa creates creases. Indents between creases keep some filth, and this causes constant irritation and mucosa swelling, which again causes the feeling of heat in anus. This is often followed by insufferable itching. Constant scratching causes lesions and eczema that deteriorate itching, which will disappear only after healing of haemorrhoids.

Blocked blood flow and mucosa inflammation often causes coagulation of blood in haemorrhoid lumps. Coagulated blood cuts off the blood circulation to hemorrhoids, causing them to shrink and fall off. This way haemorrhoid heals by themselves.

But it can happen that lump get inflamed and festered. Haemorrhoids fall out of anus and become wedged between mucosa and sphincter (closing muscle). Piles get swollen, dark red, they stiffen and make lesions on tissue which is very painful. Anal mucosa excretes reddish liquid. Strong pain makes bowel movements difficult. Treatment reduces swelling, lumps shrink and turn into stiff scars that resemble warts that surround anus. If these lumps fester that could cause heavy blood infection which could be lethal.

Stiff stool and straining during bowel movements often cause bleeding from haemorrhoids. From damaged haemorrhoid blood drips or it oozes. Bleeding haemorrhoids often causes heavy anemias.

Patients suffering from haemorrhoids are very sensitive and nervous. Part of the treatment for haemorrhoids is adequate diet that would alleviate constipation and soften the stool. Diet should consist of high-fiber foods such as fruit and raw vegetables, whole-grain bread. Spicy food, smoked meat and high fat food should be avoided, as well as alcohol. Furthermore, those patients should practise anal hygiene and wash their anus with soap and warm water after every stool. We recommend using anti-hemorrhoid balm strictly according to given instruction.

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